From Acts 7:35-43,I choose to forget and put aside all the “God when?”and rather use and hold on to “Lord have your way!I don’t know how you do it but just have your way because you matter most to me!I don’t mind waiting Masterplanner because everything of Yours is most beautiful even if it feels like forever!!!Help me never to turn my back on You nor embrace any idol in my life but to wait patiently for You and Your lead!”,in all my prayer requests.





Author: abJesus

Hi! I'm Davida!You can call me Maameefua too.I love to give a juicy share of what I learn from the Bible during my quiet time with a bouquet of inspirational words,pieces and laughter,plucked from the Real,Bright and Unique Vine,Jesus Christ!You are welcome to share your thoughts too 'cos I'm interested in what you think and love to hear them.Let's experience more together!...and oh I love music too!...many of of you might be thinking why DIVine?...don't think too deep just remain at the surface.Here at DIVine I urge you to keep on Dwelling In the Vine!

7 thoughts on “IMPATIENT!?”

  1. I know that God does everything in his own time . Just like a father give his son what he needs to progress in life,not what he want at anytime. God already knows what we need in life . But is just that the time we want it isn’t just right. I am blessed to know that my needs is in God hands . His plans and timing for me is the best.

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