From 2 Chronicles 15:1-9 I get to understand that God wants to have a relationship with me all the time!

In my daily activities and endeavours,I’m going to seek the Lord with all my heart,everything of me and depend solely on Him…..

….of course I love goodies eyy!Riches,fame,wealth and everything beautiful you can ever think of are good and exciting you know but…they are all vanity says a wise king,and might make me unfaithful to God,disobey Him and cause all forms of tragedy and distress!

I choose to seek and follow God,His Kingdom and everything about Him first and all these “other”things shall be given unto me(Matthew 6:33)!For me,I think seeking God is a basic,first and most important step to great and genuine success and everything we yearn to achieve with all its goodies because His presence in our lives and everything about Him helps us feel that we can actually succeed!Seeking and following God entails a lot too!?

I used to always wonder and ask the question of how I could seek God.But daily and as time went on I got to understand that I could seek and find God through His Word and in His Word which involves daily meditation!It makes me curious to wanting to follow Him and know more of Him.I then extend it to prayer and other things God expects me to do that please Him.

…I know!It’s not easy!But it takes a determined and disciplined mind,perseverance,attitude and faith to achieve this and interestingly God promises to always be with us and walk us through!!and oh…He also rewards us for all our good works!

…..What about you!?What do you think?



Author: abJesus

Hi! I'm Davida!You can call me Maameefua too.I love to give a juicy share of what I learn from the Bible during my quiet time with a bouquet of inspirational words,pieces and laughter,plucked from the Real,Bright and Unique Vine,Jesus Christ!You are welcome to share your thoughts too 'cos I'm interested in what you think and love to hear them.Let's experience more together!...and oh I love music too!...many of of you might be thinking why DIVine?...don't think too deep just remain at the surface.Here at DIVine I urge you to keep on Dwelling In the Vine!


  1. The challenge with our relationship with God is that there are times we’ll feel lonely and it’ll appear God is far away from us. Those are the times the devil will seek to entice and distract us from with all the vanities of the world world. Recall how Jesus himself was tempted in Matthew 4 by the devil? He has not changed a bit, you know? It’s not for nothing thag God asked as to be wild awake and alert like a snake.
    God bless you dearly for sharing this.

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  2. The seeking is the toughest. But He says we shall find when we seek with ALL OUR HEART. is tough but His Spirit will guide us to all truth. And Jesus is the only truth. And when we have Him through whom and for whom ALL THINGS were made, then we have all things. May He have mercy on our feeble faith and strengthen us as we practice the faith and seek Him. Bless you

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  3. The first step is by me accepting Christ as my Lord and personal Savior,I go on to accept his word obey his word and because doer have a relationship with him ,He will giude me to my greatness through dreams, counsel, visions prophesy about my tomorrow and following thy success is ๐Ÿ‘Œ sure๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘ŒHe will perform all things according to his riches.ITS NOT EASY SEEKING GOD BUT ITS WORTH PATIENTLY AND CONCIOUSLY DOING THAT.

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