Acts 5:32-42 brings much encouragement!

If it is of God why fight it?If it is of God why not follow its lead?If it is of God why stop it?If it is of God why not do it?If it is of God why not embrace it and be goal minded👀?Everything of God is perfect and beautiful even if I may not see it as such now.The end is always glorious ha!!

In trying to spread or preach the Gospel and tell everyone about Jesus there’ll be so much persecutions because not everyone will like you for it.Not everyone has to like you!God’s Word is forever authentic!(1 John 1:1-3).It’s very costly following Jesus but in all God promises me strength and to always be with me!

I choose to count it all jooyyyyyy when I’m persecuted,mocked,laughed at,insulted,beaten or anything severe because of the Gospel of Christ!I choose to stand firm,sacrifice,endure and devote all my time for Jesus(2 Timothy 2:11-12).I don’t mind losing friends for Jesus!It might sound easy saying it but I choose to allow perseverance and faith speak louder,live by it in all sincerity and be faithful to my first love(God)!……..GODFIDENCE!

…I’m forever for Jesus!what about you⁉🤷🏽‍♀

James 1:2-8✨📖



Author: abJesus

Hi! I'm Davida!You can call me Maameefua too.I love to give a juicy share of what I learn from the Bible during my quiet time with a bouquet of inspirational words,pieces and laughter,plucked from the Real,Bright and Unique Vine,Jesus Christ!You are welcome to share your thoughts too 'cos I'm interested in what you think and love to hear them.Let's experience more together!...and oh I love music too!...many of of you might be thinking why DIVine?...don't think too deep just remain at the surface.Here at DIVine I urge you to keep on Dwelling In the Vine!

10 thoughts on “IF IT IS OF GOD THEN I’M IN FOR IT!💪🏽”

    1. Lovely and timely. During this period lots of introspection been going on. And it seems God needs us to devote to Him more for accurate guidance to life. It feels we may lose much fun or thrill or lose what we love and hold dear if we follow God. Seems all He brings is against the fun. But fun of this world is temporary and doesn’t bring joy but God brings true joy and happiness that lasts forever. And He will bring us what actually will benefit and bring glory to Him and in our lives. Trust is the key and obey opens the doors. Bless you sis!

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  1. Good piece Maame. It’s really joy to be working for God. We sometimes allow ourselves to be intimidated and hounded by what others might say or think about us. But hey, remember the crowns that always await us as we joyfully do God’s will. Keep writing, lady … like we said … lol

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    1. It’s amazing how some people make it look like being a Christian isn’t fun and therefore have to have fun else where which is mostly against God’s will and doesn’t end well…
      Well for some of us, being a follower of Christ is the most interesting part of our lives… We might go through difficult times but we count it all joy
      If it’s of God why not do it?

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