DIVine is finally here!!My first post yayyyy!!Did I have challenges?….yes I did!especially the challenge of not knowing what to write and how to start and all hahaha but as the saying goes “JUST DO IT!” So Ta daaaaaa!

Author: abJesus

Hi! I'm Davida!You can call me Maameefua too.I love to give a juicy share of what I learn from the Bible during my quiet time with a bouquet of inspirational words,pieces and laughter,plucked from the Real,Bright and Unique Vine,Jesus Christ!You are welcome to share your thoughts too 'cos I'm interested in what you think and love to hear them.Let's experience more together!...and oh I love music too!...many of of you might be thinking why DIVine?...don't think too deep just remain at the surface.Here at DIVine I urge you to keep on Dwelling In the Vine!

2 thoughts on “Finally!Finally!”

  1. Hi, Moses Anaman is my name. Sometimes I get confused of being different from other. But with this Divine message,. I now know that ,not everybody will be the same when it comes to believing in Christ. And our deeds will deem us free. Amen

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    1. Hello Moses Anaman!I’m glad this speaks life into you!We are all unique beings in our own ways and have different gifts and talents.In as much as we’re unique and different from others we’re all one in Christianity and we should all have or base everything we do on one foundation and the true standard which is Jesus Christ who set us free from being slaves of sin,making us right with God through our faith in Him.Of course there are different thoughts and beliefs but the foundation is one and we must keep on Dwelling In the Vine(Jesus Christ)!Everything we do with our gifts and talents we will account for it.


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