From Acts 7:35-43,I choose to forget and put aside all the “God when?”and rather use and hold on to “Lord have your way!I don’t know how you do it but just have your way because you matter most to me!I don’t mind waiting Masterplanner because everything of Yours is most beautiful even if it feels like forever!!!Help me never to turn my back on You nor embrace any idol in my life but to wait patiently for You and Your lead!”,in all my prayer requests.






From 2 Chronicles 15:1-9 I get to understand that God wants to have a relationship with me all the time!

In my daily activities and endeavours,I’m going to seek the Lord with all my heart,everything of me and depend solely on Him…..

….of course I love goodies eyy!Riches,fame,wealth and everything beautiful you can ever think of are good and exciting you know but…they are all vanity says a wise king,and might make me unfaithful to God,disobey Him and cause all forms of tragedy and distress!

I choose to seek and follow God,His Kingdom and everything about Him first and all these “other”things shall be given unto me(Matthew 6:33)!For me,I think seeking God is a basic,first and most important step to great and genuine success and everything we yearn to achieve with all its goodies because His presence in our lives and everything about Him helps us feel that we can actually succeed!Seeking and following God entails a lot too!?

I used to always wonder and ask the question of how I could seek God.But daily and as time went on I got to understand that I could seek and find God through His Word and in His Word which involves daily meditation!It makes me curious to wanting to follow Him and know more of Him.I then extend it to prayer and other things God expects me to do that please Him.

…I know!It’s not easy!But it takes a determined and disciplined mind,perseverance,attitude and faith to achieve this and interestingly God promises to always be with us and walk us through!!and oh…He also rewards us for all our good works!

…..What about you!?What do you think?




2 Chronicles 7:11-18

God wants a very tight affair with me in our relationship.He always wants to speak to me and remind me of how much He loves me with His sweet words,plans and everything good He has for me.He even wants to warn me concerning certain things that are not good for me…what manner of love!

But He can’t achieve all of this if I don’t make an effort for our relationship,make time and communicate with Him daily too.He wants me to come to Him daily.Prayer is a communication and a two way thing!More of like a give and take if I should say.Even if there’s so much love in a relationship,effective communication is very necessary because without it there’ll be problems.

I choose to tighten my relationship with my first love,communicate and fellowship with Him daily.I don’t want to break God’s heart and say its over.Amazingly,He never gives up on me nor our love!I want to take time to listen to Him daily because He communicates with me in different ways and if I mistakenly fall along the way I choose to rise up and go back to my First Love in all humility,repent and turn away from all forms of sin and cheats that try to separate us.He’ll then wrap and envelope me in His gentle arms like a mother and embrace me with kisses.

His Presence makes my submission to Him turn “from fragrance to fire”!The smoke of my submission released makes me strive hard to close my eyes to all forms of sin and cheats. This is how our love is strengthened!

“First it was fragrance then it turned to fire!My worship is my weapon!This is how i win my battles!”-Dunsin Oyekan…….This is the effect of our relationship!

It is a privilege to be identified with God and be His Mrs!I’m forever dependent on Him.I choose to be a faithful wife!We don’t use a radio nor telephone nor any physical communication device but our love is strengthened.Prayer is the secret!It entails active listening with much faith!I’m going to daily live a lifestyle that will bring honor to His Name and not tarnish the Family Name.

God does speak and He is closer than you can ever imagine….run to your First Love ASAP!……Will you!?

2 Chronicles 7:14

1 Corinthians 6:19




Acts 5:32-42 brings much encouragement!

If it is of God why fight it?If it is of God why not follow its lead?If it is of God why stop it?If it is of God why not do it?If it is of God why not embrace it and be goal minded👀?Everything of God is perfect and beautiful even if I may not see it as such now.The end is always glorious ha!!

In trying to spread or preach the Gospel and tell everyone about Jesus there’ll be so much persecutions because not everyone will like you for it.Not everyone has to like you!God’s Word is forever authentic!(1 John 1:1-3).It’s very costly following Jesus but in all God promises me strength and to always be with me!

I choose to count it all jooyyyyyy when I’m persecuted,mocked,laughed at,insulted,beaten or anything severe because of the Gospel of Christ!I choose to stand firm,sacrifice,endure and devote all my time for Jesus(2 Timothy 2:11-12).I don’t mind losing friends for Jesus!It might sound easy saying it but I choose to allow perseverance and faith speak louder,live by it in all sincerity and be faithful to my first love(God)!……..GODFIDENCE!

…I’m forever for Jesus!what about you⁉🤷🏽‍♀

James 1:2-8✨📖